Yours Sincerely
Essays on Antiques and Country Life

By John Fiske

What do a moose, a joint stool, and the Department of Homeland Security have in common? Each is an occasion for John Fiske to reflect on the pleasures of country life and living with antiques.

Yours Sincerely chronicles the changing face of the Vermont countryside over the course of a year. Deftly weaving his observations about the wit and wisdom of his fellow Vermonters with his passion for antiques, Fiske reminds ous of how much we overlook when we allow our imaginations to be filled only with the noisy products of our contemporary culture.

For most of his life, John Fiske has lived in the countryside, and for all of those years, he has lived with antiques. He is Editor-in-Chief of the New England Antiques Journal and Professor Emeritus of Communication Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He and his wife are partners in Fiske & Freeman: Fine and Early Antiques, specializing in 17th-century English furniture.

Yours Sincerely is illustrated with watercolors by Vermont artist Robert Sydorowych.

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CONTENTS: January: Mick / Humble History | February: Homeland Security / Hip | March: Trees / Transitions | April: Mending Wall / Immigrants | May: Weather / Angel | June: Square Dance / Dinner | July: Parade / Independence | August: Just Us / Small Adults | September: The Real US / Cider Days | October: Darkness / Kitchen | November: Sayings / Clearing | December: Ping Pong / Feasting

ISBN: 0-9754569-1-1
136 pages, 5 x 8, perfect bound, 12 b&w illustrations
September 2006

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