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Queen Anne Mirror 

American or English, c.1750

Got some character to it. Has hung in our wall for many years. From our own collection


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English, 19th c.

Interesting staved bucket with one wooden and one iron band. Use it by your desk for paper, by your hearth for kindling, or anywhere for anything! Just a nice, hand-made thing to have. From our personal collection Lisa has done lovely arrangements of twigs and dreid grasses in it.


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Three Gothic Revival Spoons 

English, c. 1860

Decorative, and with some age. Possibly cast from a c. 1700 mold in the so-called Puritan style. Touch mark of dancing girl and 90 stamped on handle. Was $99.


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Pipe or Ember Tongs 

American or English, 1750-80

Tweezer type tongs, not the more common scissor type. Used for lifting an ember to light a pipe. Was $165


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Mastiff's or Boar Hound's Collar 

English or Continental, 17th c.

The Hound of the Baskervilles might have worn a collar like this -- it was certainly for a massive canine. The heavy iron and sharp spikes would have kept the dog safe from the teeth and tusks of even the largest boar -- and they did grow big! It's far from decorative, but it's very dramatic and I doubt we'll ever find another quite like it. Was $1025


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