English, 18th c.

A substantial 'jack for the beer afficionado! It has that characteristic forward lean, and the body has been made from a single piece of leather -- including the handle. The bottom is inset and domed inward, and the interior is lined with pitch -- guaranteed authentic! As a bonus, it carries the impressed initials STJ, and what could be pricked initials MW on the bottom -- later owner perhaps?


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Shot Flask 

English, c.1750

An interesting shot flask with original strap for hanging from the belt. The leather has now hardened, and the surface shows enough wear to be interesting. More powder horns than shot flasks have survived -- but they must have been made in equal numbers! So here's the rarer half of the pair!


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Leather Flask 

English, early 18th c.

Heavy, stitched leather with dark patina. Two suspension holes for a leather thong to hang it from a belt or even round the shoulders. Not many have survived in as good condition as this.


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