Metalware - Iron


Footed Skewer 

American, 18th c.

Interesting, large, uncommon, footed skewer Nice little twist decoration on the handle -- will look great in your hearth.


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Rotating Broiler 

American or English, 1740-90

Every cook had to have one then -- why not now?


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Utensil Rack 

French, 1600-1650

Useful, early and attractive -- just the thing for a country kitchen. Age-pitted iron backplate crested with two birds. Five utensil hooks (one with tip broken). Grungy old surface -- great "blacksmith" feel to it.


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Pipe or Ember Tongs 

American or English, 1750-80

Tweezer type tongs, not the more common scissor type. Used for lifting an ember to light a pipe.


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English (American?), 18th c.

Straight-sided, three-footed kettle or stew pot. Nice old surface to the iron.


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