Metalware - Brass/Bronze


Heemskirk Candlestick 

Dutch, 1650-80

A nice example of a form that was very popular in the period. Nothing exceptional about it, but nothing wrong either. We don't have to apologize for being typical!


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Small Chamberstick 

English, c.1825

A cute little "go-to-bed."


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Capstan Candlestick 

Spanish or Dutch, 1650-75

A good example of the kind, with a nice broad capstan with flared base and strong bulbous turning on the stem.


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Small Candlestick 

English, 19th c.

The small size makes it an attractive, decorative item.


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Spanish, c. 1680

An imposing piece with that stable, attractive "inverted dish" base. The bell metal gives it a nice warm color.


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