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Flemish, (or English?), 1575-1625

Bronze candlesticks are rare. This one has an old, undisturbed surface that is beautiful to behold. Its stem is the Renaissance baluster that was revived in the early 18th century. Most of this form are Flemish, but this is of comparatively thin metal with no ejection holes and the measurements are in exact inches -- suggestions of a possible English origin. The collector it came from thought it was English.


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Capstan Candlestick 


A rare English capstan (most are Spanish or Dutch) with short, cast stem and spun brass base of typically English thin metal, hence the loss. Large ejector holes. (See Michaelis, Fig 62)


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Heemskirk Candlestick 

Dutch, 1650-80

A nice example of a form that was very popular in the period. Nothing exceptional about it, but nothing wrong either. We don't have to apologize for being typical!


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Small Chamberstick 

English, c.1825

A cute little "go-to-bed."


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Capstan Candlestick 

Spanish or Dutch, 1650-75

A good example of the kind, with a nice broad capstan with flared base and strong bulbous turning on the stem.


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